El Chupacabra Worldwide

Reliable sources in Puerto Rico have contacted the
El Chupacabra Home Page to tell us the truth behind the
El Chupacabra phenomenon. Apparently, the Chupacabra is
worldwide, as seen by increasing reports of animal
mutilations all over the globe, most recently in Miami,
Florida. Reportedly, the "Chupacabras" are alien in
origin, and comprise a different (to say the least)
species of creature. It is known, however, that many
sightings and/or stories may be just that, but that the
El Chupacabra is a real being.


They exhibit intelligent behavior and posess some
rudimentary skill of becoming undetectable. The
structures in their back are some sort of wings that
gives them the power of flight. These powers have
presumably helped them to escape captivity and avoid
instances of close contact with people.

Animal Habits

The El Chupacabra is like a normal animal in the sense that
it exhibits normal mating and group behavior. It's food
source is the blood of animals. The Chupacabra does not
drink the blood of humans, and is only limited to the
blood of of animals. The species dwells underneath the
soil in cave-like structures whose origins and makeup
are currently unknown.


Apparently, the creature is either an offshoot or a
"pet" of other intelligent beings that came to Earth a
long time ago. These last few years have witnessed an
explosion in the number Chupacabras, due to some unknown
factor, and this is the reason why there have been so
many attacks in recent months, as animals make up their
only source of nourishment. The El Chupacabra, as it is
known now, was called El Vampiro de Moca some years ago.

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