Thursday, June 24, 2010

El Chupacabra X files

I liked El Chupacabra. I hated it the first time round, but watching
the re-run tonight I came to the realization that I actually like this
episode. There's so many cool things about it that El Chupacabra I didn't notice the
first time; how the immigrant workers lived their lives like they were
soap-operas, how the old Mexican woman insisted that the El Chupacabra
legend was the truth, with the same fervor, even kind of the same voice
intonation that Mulder uses when he talks about the aliens.

So many cool el chupacabra quotes; the cop says, 'So, you have stories too,' after Mulder says
that the fungus (no, sorry, the *enzyme*) came from outer space; Scully
saying to Mulder, 'I know you don't want to hear this, but the aliens
here are the victims, not the villains'. The way there were four or
five endings to the story; the older woman's; that the other Chupacabras
came back and took both her sons, one of whom was a chupacabra himself
(but it looked to us like aliens took both young men); the young
woman's, in which both young men became chupacabras and went together to
Mexico, the story Scully and Mulder told Skinner, in which the young men
were carriers of an enzyme that catalyzes a fungal infection (in
Mulder's version the enzyme came from outer space). And who could not
love Mulder screaming 'Maria, Maria!', and then looking sheepish after
Scully gives him the Look? This episode completely rocked! I don't
know why I detested it so much the first time around. (Unless
Unrequited last week just made me much, much less picky. I still hate
that one.) more information: El Chupacabra El Chupacabra pictures El Chupacabra video